Perry Jones

PF Baylor 6’11” 220 lbs 9/24/91

Jones surprised many by returning for his sophomore season to lead the Baylor Bears. Jones is an extremely skilled big who does a little bit of everything. Jones can win anyone over with his athleticism, quickness, frame, and length. Has shown the ability to crash the boards and turn in up and lead the fast break. Jones is a better passer then many realize. Offensively, Jones can score from all over, be it in the paint, on a put back, or from beyond the arc. A ferocious dunker, skilled ball handler, and a willing passer Jones remind some of KG (think Minnesota). Has a tendency to play on the perimeter too much.

Defensively, Jones is not nearly strong enough to handle the pounding nature of the NBA. Jones relies of his length and athleticism to overwhelm opponents on defense. A great rebounder and shot blocker, Jones still needs to improve his defense to play man-to-man. In time as Jones’ body matures and he gets tougher Jones’ will be able to impact games on both ends of the court.

Unfortunately, Jones disappointed many during his freshman season and can drive scouts crazy with his stubbornness on offense. On ability alone, many GMs will be tripping over one another for the opportunity to select Jones.

Rank 5th overall (2nd PF)
Projection Top 5
Strengths Can do anything he wants on the court
Long and athletic
Freak athleticism
Runs like a deer on the court
Can score from anywhere on the court
Ability to dominate a game
Great rebounder and shot blocker
Weaknesses Streaky shooter
Not always dominate, while he is always the best player on the court
Can defer too much at times