Darius Miller

SF Kentucky 6'6" 223 lbs 3/21/90

One of the key players to Kentucky’s championship run, Darius Miller was the glue guy on the Wildcats. One of the two seniors on the Kentucky team, Miller took on a leadership role as well as being a versatile threat on both ends.


Offensively, Miller primarily was used as a floor spacer and spot-up shooter which he was very good at. Miller has a very good and consistent shot that allows him to be a valuable piece on the floor. He showed the ability to do well in isolation situations but that won’t be his strength at the next level. Miller’s mid-range game has been improving and he is now a good mid-range shooter. His free-throw attempts were very low, as evidenced by his role in the offense as well as his strengths and weaknesses on the offensive end.


Miller was used as a versatile, strong defender by Kentucky. Miller has good size and athletic ability to guard various players but his toughness and smarts defensively are what stand out. He might struggle a little bit with lateral quickness versus quicker NBA players but he profiles to be a good team and individual defender.


Players that are able to be good shooters and play good defense will always have a place in the NBA. Miller will have to continue to working on improving his all-around game and becoming more of a threat on offense and getting quicker on defense. Regardless Miller will find himself as a very likely 2nd round pick and possible 1st round pick.



Rank               45th Overall (9th SF)

Projection        Early 2nd Round

Strengths        Shooting


                     Basketball IQ

Weaknesses    Ball-handling

                     Lateral quickness