Arnett Moultrie

PF Mississippi State 6'10" 225 lbs  


Moultrie arrived to Mississippi State after transferring from UTEP.  Moultrie is an impressive athlete that can have an impact at both ends because of his natural athleticism and abilities but that impact doesn't always show up.  


Offensively, Moultrie is able to score inside or out but drifts too far away from the basket at times for player of his size with those skills.  Moultrie's jumper has good range too it and he is efficient at times but relies too much on scoring from the perimeter when he can just as easily blow by his defender or score over them.  On the offensive glass Moultrie is a terror because of his length.


On the other end of the court Moultrie has what it takes to be a great defender: length, quickness, and explosion but this doesn't always show up statistically.  Moultrie's biggest weaknesses on defense is his lack of bulk that allows bigger and more physical players to push him around.  


Moultrie has everything NBA teams want in a PF and is easily a first round pick, who could shoot up draft boards once workouts begin.  


Projection                  Mid to Late First


Strengths                   Explosive athlete

                                  Great length

                                  Can score inside or out

                                  Great rebounder

                                  Very quick for a player his size


Weaknesses                Plays too far away from the basket too often

                                  Needs to get stronger