Kendall Marshall

PG   6'3" 170 lbs 9/19/91


Marshall arrived in Chapel Hill as an under-the-radar prospect.  Had it not been for a transfer Marshall might not even be the starting PG for UNC today.  Marshall is an old school PG that is primarily focused on ball handling and distributing to his teammates.


On offense Marshall is a reliable ball handler who is not affected by pressure.  Marshall is a smart passer that doesn't take too many gambles and protects the ball at all costs.  Averaging a whopping 3.6 assists/turnovers Marshall has boosted his draft stock.  As a scorer, Marshall gets most of his point on open looks but has improved as a shooter and is no longer an offensive liability without the ball in his hands.


Defensively, Marshall has deceptive size and strength for a PG and is not afraid to mix it up physically but can be exposed by smaller, quicker guards.  As a prospect, Marshall will be no worse than a competent backup PG capable of running an offense for 15-20 minutes a night.  However, if Marshall continues to develop on the offensive end then his ceiling will increase exponentially.


Rank 30th overall (3rd PG)
Projection Late First to Early Second

Tremendous ball handler

Exceptional passer

Smart with great vision


Jumper is still developing

Lacks lateral quickness