Draft Day Diary

Stay tuned to ProBasketballDraft.com as we'll be running a draft day diary keeping you up to date with the latest draft news and rumors as the day progresses.


5:33(ET): Not as draft related but sources around the league believe that Dwight Howard will not be back with the Los Angeles Lakers next season.


5:31(ET): The Celtics-Nets talks have reportedly heated up with Jason Terry being added to the discussions as well.


2:45 (ET): No trades have been submitted to the NBA by the pre-Draft deadline meaning that the current draft order is set for now. Each team will make the selection they're slotted at before deals can be announced.


2:26 (ET): Outside of the Celtics-Nets potential deal, other players that may be made available for trade today include Eric Gordon of the Pelicans and Brandon Jennings of the Bucks.


2:22 (ET): The Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets are rumored to be in talks about a mega-deal that would send Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn. The Celtics would reportedly receive Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Tomike Shenglia, and 3 future first round picks.


2:17 (ET): The Cleveland Cavaliers front office is remaining secretive about who they intend to select with the first pick tonight. This appears like it may be a smokescreen tactic in hopes to get another team to jump into a deal for the #1 pick.

6:02 (ET): Sticking with Alex Len to the Cavs, wherever it is that the pick. - JK